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Auto Flag

First click will be safe。The digit on a grid means how many mines around it. The task is to find out all the mines. Click the face button to start a new game.

Mouse(on Computer): Click right button on a block to mark out a mine, click again to remove the flag. After mark out all the mines around a digit, click(whether left or right button) the digital grid to open the surrounded safe area. Click left button to open a block directly.

Touch(on Mobile or Pad):Touch a block to mark a flag, touch again to remove the flag. When mark out all the mines, touch digital grid to open the surrounded blocks. Long touch to open a clock directly.

Minesweeper was originated from a game named "Cube" in 1973. In 1992, Minesweeper was integrated into Mocrosoft's Windows 3.1, then became so famous.




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